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Problems with starting of selfcompiled binary Qt5.5.1 on Windows 10 "Diese App kann auf dem PC nicht ausgeführt werden"

  • I installed Qt-5.5 in Windows 10 using the Mingw32 4.9.2 installation package
    There was no problem.

    I can open and run projects like the "Spectrum Example" without any problems.

    But I fail on starting my self compiled binary.
    The problem might be,
    that I need to link to a special audio library (libsndfile-1) for windows.

    I managed to compile and link all the complete way through....
    But when I start the windows executable I get a message like:

    "Diese App kann auf dem PC nicht ausgeführt werden"
    "wenden Sie sich an den Softwareherausgeber, um eine geeignete Version für Ihren PC zu finden"

    This translates to:
    "This App can not be executed on this PC"
    "please contact your SW-distributer, in order to find a useful Version for your PC"

    Is this a known issue for Qt-5.5 and Windows-10?
    Can anybody tell me, what to do to solve this problem?


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    Hi and welcome
    When you use the EXE outside of the compiler,
    it need to have some DLLS
    in order to run. (in the same folder as the exe)
    please see
    for short list
    and for the best:

    You can also use

    to cast some light one if you need other dlls.