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End goal Project

  • Hello,

    I have an end game project in mind. I would like some feedback as to what steps I should take to accomplish this.

    I have the following tools:
    Little bit of web dev

    What I'd like to make:

    A desktop app that will grab plain text from a website, (optional, if not possible I would opt to just select all text on a website and then feed it to my app through a textbox)

    • ex. Yellow Page Directory

    Parse the text to display it as a table on my app

    • ex. columns with Business Name:, Location:, Phone Number:...

    Users can filter the information and table will udpate,

    • ex. search for all rows with "dentist"

    Upon clicking a row, another window will be displayed (or hovered) showing more information

    • ex. "Dentist, Earth, 123-456" click "Description: Dentist on Earth is a wonderful dental place"

    There will be radio buttons on the side of each row so users can select rows. These rows will then be exported as .csv files to be imported into google calendar if user logs in to their account. (optional connectivity with google account, but needs to be able to export a .csv file for the user to do it him/herself)

    Steps I've taken:
    Already made the c++ code that takes plain text information from the website of interest, and outputs a .csv file that is compatible with google calendar, just needs to be implemented into the app.

    Watched a few Youtube tutorials on Qt Widgets (signal and slots, multiple windows, text edit, buttons...)
    Created a simple search text app
    Tried to decipher the example projects in Qt Creator

    Any direction would be helpful!