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Add or Change XmlRole in XmlListModel

  • Hi all, can somebody tell how i can change query in XmlRole or add new, into XmlListModel in run time.
    for example i have such xml
    <description locale="en">....</description>
    <description locale="ru">....</description>
    <description locale="it">....</description>

    In qml i have such model
    XmlListModel {
    id: xmlModel
    source: ""
    query: "/"

         XmlRole { name: "Note"; query: "description[@locale=".."]/string()" }

    i tried make like this query: "description[@locale=" + locale + " ] /string()", and then from c++ set ContextProperty, but this not working.
    Any help ?

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately at the moment you'll probably need a manual call to reload() on the XmlListModel to force the new information (role/query) to be used. I'd suggest filing a bug/suggestion for this on so that it works automatically in future versions.


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