QDockWidget - setting margins

  • Hi, I have an issue with margins on a dock widget.

    As per the documentation I have put a QDockWidget to the window with addDockWidget();. The problem is, it goes all the way to the borders of the program. I am not sure how to apply margins here. If I apply margins to the content widget, then it looks bad when floated (there is a margin around the background-color of the content-widget).

    Is there a way to apply margins to the whole DockWidget or the DockWidgetArea ? (see pic of how it looks now: http://i67.tinypic.com/25kk76e.jpg - how can I make the dock on the left as a whole be 8 px from the edges like the rest of the UI?

    I tried to use the isFloating bool to apply different stylesheets but that only works for the QDockWidget, and putting a margin on the dock widget itself does nothing.

    Any help? Thank you

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