Multiple LIBPATH entries in Makefile

  • Hi,

    I am investigating an issue with differing binaries between the same source built on two different machines. And I have now traced it down to a difference in the generated Makefile.release that is created by qmake.

    The difference is that on one machine there are two /LIBPATH entries (I basically have /LIBPATH:X... and /LIBPATH:Y...) while on the other there is only one in the LIBS section. How is qmake picking up the values for LIBPATH ?

    (Using Qt 5.4.2 on Windows 7)

  • Found the solution.

    So I ran qmake with -d to get debug output. In there I could see the extra libpath came from msvc2012_opengl\lib\qtmain.prl that has a setting QMAKE_PRL_LIBS. The path to Qt5Core is for some reason hardcoded there and in my case it was incorrect. Still unsure why it was incorrect but editing it solved it for me.

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