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QSqltableModel BeforeUpdate??

  • Hi All,

    I have form with tableview its model is a QSqlTableModel... User inserts a record with insertrows.. After inserting user can leave some fields blank .. When he/she changes the row model inserts the data to database.. I want to prevent inserting wrong or blank data to database beforeupdate how can I do this?


    Please be more examplish when explaning I'm a new bie..

  • That should already be taken care of by the model. See If you setEditstrategy to OnManualSubmit you can choose when to save the new row to the database.

  • Would enforcing rules in your database using triggers not help you here?

    If you want to enforce your business rules in the model, you could subclass QSqlTableModel and re-implement the submit() method.

    Or, change the model's EditStrategy to OnManualSubmit, create a 'Save' button and check the validity of the data in the button handler before calling the model's submitAll() method.

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