QTablewidget - press tabkey

  • Hi,
    I want allow user to write tab-key (0x09) in qtablewidgetitem, but when user press tab button on qtablewidget, it change focus or change selection in item.
    So I try catch key signal ( through event filter) -no working, so I try change some flags in QAbstractItemView but without solution.

    Can you help me?

  • @poucz
    I am not sure if this helps but just a perspective. (If you can write your pusedocode maybe i can try to give any insight). The

    I had some issues with QtableWidget not getting focus for deletion on keyPressEvent. But then i realized that i had few layers about that like one shown below. There were some reasons i had to do it this way which i am not stating

    QTabWidget -> QWidget -> (layout)->QWidget -> QTableWidget

    But then i removed one more intermediate QWidget then keyPressEvent() worked fine on QTableWidget,

    Not sure if it helps by any means :-(

  • Thank, but I have still same problem,
    when I'm editing cell (QTablewidgetitem) event filter not catch any key.

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