Serial terminal example resize terminal window

  • New to Qt and have been trying to resize the terminal centralWidget window so I can add some buttons down the side of the main window
    I can change the settings in designer but when I run it the size appears to follow the main window size
    Any help appreciated


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    Hard to say for sure without seeing the source code, but I guess your centralWidget is in a layout. Widgets in layouts adjust their sizes to fit into that layout.

    You can add your new widgets (buttons, labels, etc.) to the layout. Or, you can find the layout in designer, break it, add your widgets and then create a new layout or set of layouts.

  • @sierdzio the code that I am using is in the examples\serialport\terminal folder of the QT5.5 install directory

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    Sorry I don't have the time now to check out the example.

    But my hint should be valid: break the layout in the designer, add your new widgets, then set up the layout again.

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