QVariant wrong cast

  • QVariant casting does not seem to be working right. See testcase below:

     #include <QApplication>
     #include <QVariant>
     class CustomClass1
       CustomClass1() = default;
       int a = 0;
     template <typename T>
     QVariant variantify(T &&x)
       QVariant variant;
       return variant;
     int main(int argc, char *argv[])
       QApplication app(argc, argv);
       CustomClass1 cs;
       cs.a = 1000;
       QVariant const var = variantify(cs);
       if ( var.canConvert<CustomClass1>())
           CustomClass1 const cs_cast = qvariant_cast<CustomClass1>(var);
           qDebug() << "val = " << cs_cast.a; // returns 0
           qDebug() << "conversion failed";
       return app.exec();

    Expecting result: 1000.
    Returned result: 0 (default initialized value)

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    Works for me. Which compiler and what version are you using?

  • @Chris-Kawa Tested with Qt 4.8.6, compiled with msvc2013

  • @Chris-Kawa Please disregard. Sorry. I'm a complete idiot. I had the copy and assignment ctors decorated on my local version of testcase, and it was failing because of that.

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