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QtCreator file template syntax in wizard

  • Hello everyone,

    I've started adjusting QtCreator's file templates and it works fine.
    The variables in the template files are references with

    %{var name}

    and I couldn't find any doc of generally available vars line "project name" or "timestamp". There's a template for a license file but it has another syntax for getting variable values. Also there're some expressions in those variable references like

    %{JS: Cpp.closeNamespaces('%{Class}')}

    Has anyone an idea where can I find a reference or a tutorial of what is possible in the wizard?

    Best regards,

  • The %{JS: expr} substitutions are JavaScript expressions. The value of the JavaScript expression is converted to a string. The JS engine has some additional Creator-specific properties in the global object - see the following SO question for details:

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