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[solved] Designer in Qt Creator - Getting rid of the centralWidget?

  • I am currently back trying my hand at coding a Qt Gui App but am having problems with this newer version of Qt Creator I don't remember having before.

    In previous version when choosing a Qt GUI Application (Widget based) I would choose to have a blank MainWindow when creating the project. This was great as in the designer I could then use a QVBoxLayout which would fill the main window in order to layout the widgets I wanted (assuming of course that my memory is sound).

    Now I am confronted with a handful of widgets selected for me which doesn't let me use layouts like I could before. I can delete all the widgets except for the centralWidget. Is there any way to get rid of this widget or revert to the previous behaviour?

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    This sounds like you started your design with a QMainWindow this time while you used a QWidget as a base before.

  • Actually after some research I may have been thinking of MonoDevelop designer so my bad.

    What I basically want to achieve is add a QDeclarativeView to the app and have it fill the available space (i.e. space that isn't given over to menu & status bars) - any advice on that?

  • Just set that QDeclarativeView as your central widget? I would do that in code, I think.

  • It works very well with designer too. Just drop the QDV to the central area and add a layout and you're done.

  • Andre & Volker thank you - did it in Designer just how I needed it!

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