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Qt5.5 Text Input trouble in iOS ( android is OK )

  • Hello.

    I developed an application for iOS and android by Qt creator 5.5.1 Quick application.
    This appication has some text input fields and it can input texts.
    but only iOS has input trouble in device and simulator. Android has no problem.

    for example.
    Input text by Korean text "김의철".
    input field display "기ㅁ으ㅣ처ㄹ"
    but copy and past is working good.

    I have thought about IME problem, but I was confused.
    Because downloaded QML Creator app is working good. And I got QML Creator source and deploy in my device.
    but there are same input problem occured. So I can not be sure that IME problem.

    I spent a week to solve this problem, but I can't.
    please advise to me, how can I fix this issue or what is wrong in my dev envronment.

    dev environment :
    OS : mac OS X Yosemite
    QT Creator : 5.5.1
    QtQuick : 2.5

  • This has been fixed for Qt-5.6.1: