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Filedialog QML Type openSUSE default to DefaultFileDialog.qml workaround?

  • Hello,
    I have recently been porting our UI over to openSUSE and immediately ran into a problem. Filedialog QML Type, not to be confused with QFiledialog Qt type, is behaving differently. Is their anyway to find out WHY this is happening and work around it? I am aware the the documentation says the following:

    *The implementation of FileDialog will be a platform file dialog if possible. If that isn't possible, then it will try to instantiate a QFileDialog. If that also isn't possible, then it will fall back to a QML implementation, DefaultFileDialog.qml. In that case you can customize the appearance by editing this file. *

    The fallback dialog is currently ugly and clunky. It appears in all black and white with an undesirable font. I would very much like to avoid putting a week into rewriting this DefaultFileDialog.qml if I can. In addition to it being less than pretty, it also lacks a "Create Folder" function, which is exactly what we need it for in this instance. Mind you, we have implemented this EXACT same application, same version and everything, on Fedora 20,21,22, and 23 using the Gnome interface and we get the native file dialog. Same with Windows 7. This install of openSUSE also uses Gnome, so I'm not sure what gives. Is it because the openSUSE is in a virtual machine? openSUSE 42.1 is the version. Any help on a way to "force" the native file browser to show up will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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