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Can't enter apple symbol () in QLineEdit and QTextEdit on OSX

  • I'm able to enter the apple symbol () in other applications and I've found that I can copy it from another app and paste it into a QLineEdit or QTextEdit, but I can't enter it directly with the keyboard by pressing Option(alt)+Shift+k in the QLineEdit or QTextEdit on OSX. This is specifically for a password entry field for OSX users that use the apple symbol () in their passwords so the only solution they'll accept is to support Option+Shift+k directly in the edit field. Do I need to go to the trouble of using a native event filter for this or is there something simpler and more natural that I've overlooked?

    Note that the apple symbol in parens will probably only look like the apple symbol on a mac.

  • Dear @peniwize, I am not aware of direct entry of special symbols in QLineEdit in MAC but in WINDOWS OS we can do with the help of ALT key and the symbol code. Basically go to Character Map and select the special symbol then you will be able to see the corresponding Key code to that special character. Just hold ALT symbol and enter the code from num pad by enabling NUM LOCK. Then release the ALT key. That special symbol will automatically appear in the QLineEdit in Windows. May be something similar you can try in MAC OS too.
    Good luck!!