Kick start suggestions for Development of editor tool like MS Visio

  • Hello friends, I am new to QT development, my task is to develop an editor just like Microsoft Visio where I can create diagrams like circle, ellipse and rectangular shapes. Also i need to connect these shapes using a line which I can call them relation between shapes. Apart from that I also want to drag and drop shapes inside another shape and let say when I drag a circle inside a rectangular shape, the circle should be locked inside the rectangular shape as circle become the child of rectangular shape and I should not be able to move circle out of rectangle, while allowing rectangle to resize. This application should work with touch, like I want to enable pinching and rotating of shapes being drawn on editor. I am developing this for Desktop Linux computer which also has a nice touch screen. I want you guys to share your experience and some kick of open source project with same functionalities mentioned above. Thanks in advance

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    hi and welcome
    could be a starting point?
    or Kivio from kde project.

  • @mrjj thanks, I will check this project, Also I forgot to mention I have to develop this specifically in QT widget as half of the work has been done by another guy, so I have carry on until project completion, I will post more details about the project as I will go through the previour work done. But all in all I have to develop a complete editor which support security models specification in the form of GUI and later I will have to export the structure of diagram being created in the form of XML file.

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    also check out Kivio as its a visio clone or very alike.
    Also written in Qt.

    with a project of such size,
    the internal data structures are the most important.
    The actual gui and such is the easy part.

    Good luck!

  • @mrjj said:


    Can you please give link to Kivio source code qt project. Thanks

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    @Emysa341 said:

    Kivio source code

    hi its part of KOffice
    So you must download it all

    svn co svn://

  • @mrjj said:


    there's no direct access to repo ? like github.

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    Not sure KOffice is in there.

    Note it seems to be renamed to
    Calligra Flow


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