how to enter a character to qlineEdits from pushButtons depending on the selected lineEdit

  • I am using QT creator to make a UI. UI consists of two or more lineEdits and ten pushButtons to input 0-9 numberic characters to lineEdits. How can I enter 0-9 number strings in both lineEdits one by one.

    If I press pushButton with label '5' and cursor is on lineEdit (say lineEdit 1) it should append '5' in lineEdit 1 or if lineEdit 2 is selected it should append '5' in lineEdit 2 and any number of lineEdits respectively with 0-9 numeric pushButtons also.

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    look at this sample
    Shows how to hook up buttons etc. (its numeric keypad)

    you can change it to use
    QApplication::focusWidget () const

    to input to whatever LineEdit that is selected.

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