Signal for when a DOM resource finishes downloading?

  • I have a website that loads DOM resources such as images, iframes, ajax, scripts, etc.

    Running qt web engine on this website, I found a way for the render to time the exact moment these requests were initiated by subclassing QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor, and passing that class to m_page.profile()->setRequestInterceptor().

    However, I would also like to time when these DOM resources finish downloading as well. This was possible in qt webkit, so I was hoping there's a way to do it for qt webengine.

    One example I thought was the solution is the signal QWebEngineProfile::downloadRequested(QWebEngineDownloadItem *download). This signal allows me to access the QWebEngineDownloadItem object, which signals when the download has finished, which is basically what I am looking for. However, this signal doesn't ever seem to be executed. I think it is only run when e.g. the application user clicks on a download link, rather than being run for every DOM resource being downloaded.

    Is there a way I can figure out when a DOM resource finishes downloading? I spent basically the entire day looking through documentations, but couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated!

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