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Anyone glue Qt/C++ to MacGap?

  • In light of the major issues with the tech preview of QtWebView/QML tech preview in Qt 5.5 and 5.6 (beta, as of 2015 Nov 20), I was considering a switch to MacGap. Has anyone figured out how to glue Qt/C++ to MacGap, even conceptually?

    I need an OSX app that uses the native webkit engine, but lets me have control of things like the way scrollbars, checkboxes, and radio buttons are styled (would prefer the Fusion or Chrome look on OSX), disabling the rightclick context menu, disabling some browser keystrokes (like goback, goforward, etc.), and disabling the doubleclick to zoom option. Essentially making the app feel like an app instead of a web page.

    Next, I need that app to let me load local file URLs with file:// and supports the HTML5 postMessage() API so that child IFRAMEs can talk to their parent documents.

    Next, I need the parent document to be able to call Qt/C++ functions so that I can do powerful things like show a File Chooser dialog, scan the hard drive for malware (using a third-party library), read/write to a SQLite database, etc.

    For now, I'm using the Qt 5.5 QWebView widget in a widget application, which gives me this. But it's unknown still what will happen in the future with Qt's roadmap for web components, and what will work on iOS such that it can get accepted into the Apple Store -- it sure as heck won't be QtWebEngine, which ships with Chromium and has no native webkit support.