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  • Hi Guys!
    I'm trying to set a few icons on a UI, however when i click to choose the resource file, the window dont find the .qrc that i set on the project. Others UI on the project, find this resource, is just this window that not. How to set this qrc manually? Instead of set all the icons one by one in cpp file... >.<
    Any tips?
    Also, use qrc is the better way to set images and icons in a Qt App?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Is resource file listed in the project ? Can you check whether it exist in the directory where you project exist. May be it is deleted. If it exist, once you right click on the resource file there is an option called "Open in editor" try that.
    How many images you need to include in the executable ?

  • @dheerendra
    On that link is the print screen of my qt project
    Is a few images, but if in 2 Ui's i add the images with the resource directly, and in the third widget i add manually, will be a few wrong to me." Why she's do that in this way here and another way there?"

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