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install qmlscene without installing XCode on Mac?

  • I developed QML apps that I wish to share with 'non-developper' people. Using qmlscene to launch my apps looks like a nice way to do it.
    But installing Qt necessarily implies installing XCode. I do not see any reason to that, as I don't want my co-workers to compile anything...
    Is there any solution to this situation?

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    Welcome to the forum.
    You can develop executable along with QML. You can use the option "New file or Project->Qt Quick Application". This will build executable for you. You can distribute executable along with necessary libraries. You don't have to use the qmlscene in the scenario.

  • Thanks for your input Dheerendra; I should have mentioned this but an exe file does not seem to be an option for me. I tried it too and the output exe was about 200Mo, which clearly is too much when you know that the files I wrote only weigh a few hundred Ko...
    What I would like to know is whether my quest for this qmlscene without XCode is achievable - or not.

  • So I just found a solution:
    I used homebrew package manager to install qt5 on Mac. This also installs qmlscene :D

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