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No RAD, only hand-coding

  • Is there a tutorial/books that shows you how to use Qt, but without the aid of Creator. I am old fashion and much rather code than to use RAD. I mean, I use the RAD when prototyping. But, like I said, I much prefer to hand code.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I am the same way.

    I am not aware of too many books. I do have a copy of C++ Programming using Qt4 that was decent (a bit all over the place though).

    What I do is use the designer to design the layout initially (dialog, widget, ...) and then take the source code (you can display this through the designer menu) and copy the important parts into a proper set of .cpp / .h files. After this all revisions are done directly on the source code and the designer is not used again.

    It is a bit of work to do this but I have done it so much that it is almost down to a science. I can whip up something fairly quick using this method. I spend most of my time formatting the source code so it follows my rules.

    I was planning to write something that will automate this process a bit to generate a more suitable set of source code files (probably from the .UI file) but I have not got around to it yet. I have also been thinking about using the intended method (the ui generated source file as is) but I am not keen on this. It doesn't feel right (although there is nothing wrong with it).

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