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Run multiple commands on qmake or how to set PATH environment variable.

  • I am trying to run qmlplugindump by QMAKE_POST_LINK
    the problem is my lib root.libA.libB depends on root.libA and qmlplugindump is unable to find it.

    from cmd it works perfectly if i add to PATH the root

    i run qmlplugindump root.libA.libB 1.0 C:/projects/
    inside projects i have folder root, root/libA , root/libA/libB

    i tried with &&, with $$escape_expand(\n\t) to concatenate commands and add the paths to the PATH, but it just dont work, it is like they run on separate cmds

    For this and other things i would like to modify PATH environment from .pro file, is it possible?

    Any idea?

  • i answer myself.

    it get included in the makefile as a line to run.
    as i try to modify the PATH and later (&&) run qmlplugindump, it doesnt work.

    The reason is that i use windows.

    I may need EnableDelayedExpansion be runned previously if i want that my modification of %PATH% affects qmlplugindump

    So... i will use a separate script, .bat and another .sh

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