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Integration C++/QML

  • I have a GUI project with several sub-projects, that is a very extensive directories of tree. Many sub-projects are GUI plugins. I am wanting to make a sub-project with QML, or want to migrate GUI for QML. When I call the QML, my QML screen appears:

        qDebug() << engine.importPathList();
        component = new QQmlComponent(&engine, QUrl("qrc:/cashierqml/imports/CashierQml/CashierNfce.qml"));
            if (component->isLoading())
                QObject::connect(component, SIGNAL(statusChanged(QQmlComponent::Status)),
                                 this, SLOT(continueLoading()));
    if (component->isError()) {
            qWarning() << component->errors();
        } else {
            QObject *myObject = component->create();
            QObject::connect(myObject, SIGNAL(signalShowMessag(QString)), this, SLOT(showMessa(QString)));

    But my QML screen "freezes", or click on a button or try to do some interaction or action and nothing happens. I did QML screen test on a new project and it worked properly.

     int main(int argc, char *argv[])
           QApplication app(argc, argv);
           QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
    return app.exec();

    Why that?

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