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How to deploy my application using mysql plugin (Windows) ?

  • Hello here!
    I have an application working properly on my QtCreator, and now I want to deploy it to others computers.

    I added a few dlls (QtCore4.dll, QtSql4.dll...) in the release/ folder (where my .exe is) and now my application start and send me this error: (Driver Not Loaded).

    I can read "here": that I need to put the plugin in a specific folder.

    I tried this folder structure:
    @│ WontokPunchClock.exe
    │ mingwm10.dll
    │ libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
    │ QtCore4.dll
    │ QtGui4.dll
    │ QtNetwork4.dll
    │ QtSql4.dll
    │ libmysql.dll

    But it's still the same.

    Any idea ?

  • It should work if you drop the plugins directory.

    That is: put the sqldrivers directory at the same level as the .exe file and the Qt .dll files.

  • Thanks you very much, I'll try Thursday morning!

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