How to replace a particular text in a file located at any place..?

  • This is my code....I want to replace a text in a file, is this correct can any1 help me...
    QFile file("E:/qtpro/Abc1.txt"); | QIODevice::Text);

    QTextStream fl(&file);
    // QTextStream f2(&file);
    QString str;

    str = fl.readLine();

    while (!str.isNull()) {
    if (str == "Shah") {
    str = fl.readLine();

    [Mark up code, Tobias]
    Edit: And again, by André.

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    You do not want to write into the file you are reading.

  • worked..

  • Read the file completely into memory, change the content and then write again.
    Or create a temporary second file, read the original, change the text and write to the second one.

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