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Compile c++/Qt5 project on MacOS

  • Hi guys,
    A programer developed a program for my company for a Windows OS. However, I need this program to work on MacOS because most of our computers are in this OS.
    The programer told me it takes 5 min to someone to compile it with Qt5.
    However, another one told me it's more around half a day.
    A freelancer is ok to do it for 5€. However, if it's for half a day, 5€ is nothing at all and I'm wondering why the freelancer is doing it...
    Can you confirm me that it could be very quick for a pro and so 5€ is not non sense?

  • Ba..
    Probably I haven't understood perfectly the question caused by my not fluent english.
    But, if you already have a mac right to develop, to compile on Windows or Mac (intel i5) is more less the same time.

  • If you have the computer already setup with Qt and you have the .PRO file with the sources then it will take very little time to compile the program. You will need to run it through macdeployqt to make it something that you can move to other computers.

    In reality, if you do not have Qt setup on this computer, it will take some time. Since you are counting on it working it is sure to fail (an unwritten law or general observation).

    You will need a copy of XCode and the command line tools as a minimum.

    If the program was developed only on Windows it is possible that it contains windows only code (or is not coded properly to handle non-windows OS's). One common example is using back slash "\" instead of forward slash "/" for a path. Maybe a hard coded "C:\" somewhere. Stuff like this.

    In short, yes, it is possible.

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