[SOLVED]Adding subitems to ListModel

  • Hello folks, searched this forum and googled a bit but found no reply yet to the following important question:

    ListModel can have elements added via simple ListModel.append command.

    Is there a way to add data to the element highlighted below? (e.g. to add a subitem to the ListModel via append command?)

    @ListElement {
    itemTitle: "Item title 1"
    attributes: [
    ListElement { subItemTitle: "Subitem title 1/1" } // Is there a way to add these using append?
    ListElement { subItemTitle: "Subitem title 2/1" }

    UPDATE: well ofc course this was pretty lame...:

    @testModel.append({"itemTitle":"Item title 2", "attributes":[{"subItemTitle":"Subitem title 1/2"}]})@

    But truth is - for people like me this is supposed to be in the documentation...

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