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LGPL license text

  • I need to put a copyright notice in my program, which uses Qt via dynamic linking under the LGPL license. I was planning to display the following text in the title bar of my program. Will this work?

    "Copyright (c) 2015 my name. Qt GUI Toolkit Copyright (c) 2015 The Qt Company Ltd., used under LGPLv3. See GPLv3.txt and LGPLv3.txt in the installation directory."


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well in lack of a About Dialog, its is indeed a very
    visible place so seems fine.
    That said, Im not a lawyer so Its only a guess, not the truth.

  • Moderators

    A title bar is a really weird place to put legal notice. Users expect a name of the app, the document or something like that there.
    I don't think it matters from a legal point of view but from a user's perspective I'd suggest to put that in a dedicated about dialog or similar.

  • I realized that I had a perfect place to put the copyright notices in the body of the main window, so I have moved them there. Thanks!

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