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Error dynamic link qt5core.dll

  • Hello!

    when I run exe that I create, I have the next error. "No se encuentra el punto de entrada del procedimiento _ZN20QFutureInterfaceBase13setThreadPoolEP11QThreadPool en la biblioteca de vinculos dinamicos Qt5Core.dll".

    I have windows 7 with 64 bits. And I use Qt Creator 5.5.
    How can I resolve this problem? thanks.

  • Are you sure your application is using the right version of Qt5Core.dll?
    In debug, it should be Qt5Cored.dll, and in release it must be Qt5Core.dll.

  • yes, I saw that qt5cored.dll is in debug and in release qt5core.dll. I included the libraries with my exe program and then I have the error that I mention.

  • Hi, perhaps you copied the Qt dlls from the wrong place, instead of copying from C:\Qt\5.5\mingw492_32\bin you copied from C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin?