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.NET events from ActiveQt

  • Hello!

    I have created an ActiveX wrapper in .NET in order to have access to its methods from a Qt Project. When I use DynamicCalls to access them through my QAxWidget, everything works fine.

    The problem comes when I try to connect my Qt Project to an event that is triggered in the ActiveX wrapper in .NET.

    I try to connect to it by using:

    connect(this->_MyQAxWidget, SIGNAL(NameOfTheEvent()),this, SLOT(SlotFunction()));

    But when I build it, I always get this error:

    QObject::connect: No such signal QAxWidget::NameOfTheEvent()

    I created a testing project in .NET just to make sure that the event works fine and it does. The problem happens when connecting from Qt.

    I've been desperately searching for a way to access the events from Qt but there is not much information about this issue!

    Does anybody know how to do it? Should my wrapper implement anything special to make its events visible?

    Every help will be highly appreciated! Thank you so much!