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This forum need few improvements

  • This in with no doubt a beautiful work, however, I think it lacks some UX improvements.
    Speaking for myself, I'm having bad time finding quickly the help I need, and here is why :

    • The fonts size are so large, a big waste of space for my laptop screen, I can only read 4 topics title at a time.
    • Big and thin fonts doesn’t necessarily means higher readability.
    • I can't select topics with multiple tags (shouldn’t' they be Upper Case ? )
    • Code samples in the forums are not formatted, impossible to read.

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I've moved your post to a better suited sub-forum.

    Parts of the code samples on the forum comes from the old version of the forum and have not yet been cleaned. Also some people haven't got yet used to the new syntax using three back ticks.

    AFAIK, @tekojo has plans going on to improve the styling of the forum.

  • Thank @SGaist,
    Yeah migration can get messy sometimes, @tekojo I suggest making the topic titles smaller, darker and bolder, that will make a big difference.

  • Hi,
    Yes, we'll look into all these. Most of the stuff is related to the theme we use. Which we might simplify a lot, to get more benefits of a faster update cycle.

    The code samples in old posts are a tough one. The import format used the same characters for multiple purposes, which made the import really hard to do. I'll definitely see if there are easy improvements in that area.

  • @tekojo Hey,
    What's the problem with the code samples ? the code is always surrounded by an @ at the begining of the line, I think some JavaScript can format it

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    @Yedd that was the old forum formatting. This one uses Markdown

  • The style of the Qt website is beautiful for sure but it as well as other websites that share the same mobile-oriented style breaks its functionality and practical use a lot. Microsoft introduced Metro/Modern UI style - large text, large icons, large rectangles, simple and very good looking colors mainly for Windows Phone and what all other companies as well as Qt did is to apply this simple and clean looking design to their desktop sites, so that they look like the modern mobile ones. Microsoft was just the trigger to this modern UI wave. What I best like is the colors - simple and not kitschy, elegant, but the style - large icons/tiles and large text - this is only for mobile, not suitable for desktop. So this is a totally wrong direction to put mobile design to desktop apps/sites. Mobile style is for mobile devices - they have small screens, the information should be readable without the need to zoom in, but just to scroll down or right to see the new chunk of information. On the opposite desktop style is practical. It allows the user to see dozens of data on his/her monitor, which him/her to see everything he/she needs at a glance without the need to scroll 100 kilometers down to the end of the website. So, what happens now is that you buy a 30-inch 4K monitor, and you see a menu bar, hamburger menu, 2 lines of text and a single image - bullshit, a total bullshit. So this is what I call a modern degradation. Companies wanted to mobilize themselves e.g. going from desktop to mobile but now mobile is transforming back desktop and that's really bad because desktop apps/sites become functional cripples. Now, all these pretty looking websites, this global trend of scrollable beautifully looking, having a small content websites is breaking UX and functional use. Users miss the ability to see everything a on a single screen. Pragmatic and professional users don't want beautiful stuff ... they want functional and practical. So Qt's site is beautiful, but absolutely not practical as the's one. I think implementing two versions of the website is the best compromise.

  • @SGaist I could be missing something, but if we can run some JavaScript on the top of the old forum pages, this is a solved problem. or at least temporarily until we come with something better.