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Key Events not handled by QQuickView before mouse-click [SOLVED]

  • I have an issue with key events in some basic QML, when loaded in a widget application,.

    The key events are not handled after the window is loaded. I have to actually click on the QML scene once and only after that the key events work.

    I suspect this is a Qt Bug but maybe anyone can tell me how I can really make the key events work immediately?

    Here's my QML code: (please forgive the formatting, with the new forums I can't manage to make simple code tags work for some reason)

       // FocusTest.qml
       import QtQuick 2.4
       Rectangle {
    id: mainContainer	
    width: 700
    height: 700
     // Some optional debug messages to see if/when focus or activeFocus is changed
     // onActiveFocusChanged: console.log("active focus of mainContainer changed: " + activeFocus)
     //	 onFocusChanged: console.log("focus of mainContainer changed to " + focus)
       // This should be enough to make the main container in focus
    focus: true
    Keys.onPressed: {
    	txt.text = event.key
    	console.log("Keys.onPressed: " + event.key);
    Text {
    	id: txt
    	width: 300
    	height: 300
    	anchors.centerIn: parent
    	text: "expect key events here..."

    Now I made a simple Qt Widgets Application, and to the default MainWindow class I added a QQuickView member.

    In MainWindow.cpp constructor:

    quickView = new QQuickView();
    QWidget *containerWidget = QWidget::createWindowContainer(quickView);

    I tried setting focus to true with a timer, I tried calling forceActiveFocus(), but both didn't work for me. The key events only get handled after the first mouse click.

    Is there anything I can do to force the focus? Is there a way to simulate that first click, or another way to force focus?

    Also - the same QML works as expected when not loaded as a widget (i.e. if I create a .qmlproject to contain the QML only and run that with Qt Creator).

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    @frankiefrank Is it the same behavior with QQuickWidget ?

  • Great tip! No, using QQuickWidget seems to solve the problem!

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