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Error while loading shared libraries

  • I am developing an application for MeeGo (Netbook) while running I am getting this error.

    /usr/local/bin/MyApplication: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  • You might want to check the Qt version installed on the netbook. Possibly it does not contain the webkit.

  • Thanks for the reply...

    But, right now I dont have h/w for Netbook. I am running my app in QEMU. Although QEMU is very slow but for time being it is okay.

    Testing configuration for MeeGo Simulator from QtCreator gives following:

    Hardware architecture: i686

    Kernel version:

    List of installed Qt packages:

    libqtscript4 4.7.2
    libqtversit1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtsql4 4.7.2
    libqtsparql-tracker-extensions 0.0.7
    libqtfeedback1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtopengl4 4.7.2
    libqtdbus4 4.7.2
    libqtmultimediakit1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtsparql 0.0.21
    libqtmessaging1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtsensors1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtdeclarative4-particles 4.7.2
    libqtsql4-sqlite 4.7.2
    libqtxmlpatterns4 4.7.2
    libqtpublishsubscribe1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtversitorganizer1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtgallery1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtdeclarative4-folderlistmodel 4.7.2
    libqtgui4 4.7.2
    libqtsparql-tracker 0.0.21
    libqtlocation1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtorganizer1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqttest4 4.7.2
    libqtconnectivity1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtdeclarative4 4.7.2
    libqtserviceframework1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtcontacts1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtnetwork4 4.7.2
    libqtsvg4 4.7.2
    libqtsysteminfo1 1.2.0~beta0+git2726
    libqtcore4 4.7.2
    libqtxml4 4.7.2

    [EDIT: formatting the list, Volker]

  • I have never worked with it.
    However, I would assume that you have somewhere the libs directory. In my Windows installation I can locate "QtWebKit4.dll". Unfortunately, my linux builds do not include webkit, because I have excluded from build. But I guess you should find also there a "libqtwebkit....".

    Since this is missing you might have to build the QEMU including the webkit.
    However, just underlining again, I am completely in the dark there as well, since I have no experience with it.

  • okay buddy no problem.. thanks for the discussion I will be continued to resolve this error...

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