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Qt debugging hangs everytime

  • Hello,
    no matter what application in Qt Creator I debug, the debugger hangs during launching. Please see attached pictures. The application is console application template, no custom code added to it.

    Qt debugger hangs

    Qt configuration

    My PC is HP ZBook G2, Windows 10. It is fresh installation of Qt using Qt automatic installer.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    If you just did download and installed, i wonder why it is not 5.5 ?

  • Because previously I had 5.5 and it did the same, so I tried downgrading to 5.4.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    ah that makes sense.
    If you create a default gui application, does that hang too?

  • Yes, both widget and Qt Quick applications also hang....

    Yesterday It was my first day full of work with Qt on my notebook and Win 10. Qt Creator itself hanged many times during debugging yesterday (at random times). To be precise whole Win 10 system hanged and needed hard reset. Today debugging stopped working at all. I have no idea how to fix it as uninstalling Qt didn't help.

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    HI i wonder if it might be your virus scanner or something security related ?
    Blocking the exe/ debugger.
    Qt normally works fine on win 10.

  • Of course! My Avast file system protection did it! Thank you very much for your help.

    What antivirus do you recommend to use to have no problems with Qt?

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    well I use avast too so its strange it affects qt that way.
    Maybe you can change the default build path so all projects use the same
    say like
    and then put that in ignore/exclude folder in avast?

    Its Tools->Options->Build and run. Then in bottom is
    Default build Directory
    mine is e:/build-%{CurrentProject:Name}-%{CurrentKit:FileSystemName}-%{CurrentBuild:Name}
    so all build folders comes to my e:\ drive for easy clean
    so say u made c:\builds and used that
    and added c:/build to ignore, it might stop doing it.

    Else, AVG free works fine for me also.

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