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QML ListView end scrolling animation

  • Hi,

    I use key up and down to scroll my vertical listview, so I increment/decrement the listview current index when key pressed. My problem is I can't know when the scrolling animation ends. I tried these four events but no one works when the listview scrolling is only made with keyboard keys :
    id: listview

        width: 360
        height: 300
        preferredHighlightBegin: 110
        preferredHighlightEnd: 111
        highlightRangeMode: "StrictlyEnforceRange"
        focus: true
        Keys.onUpPressed: listview.decrementCurrentIndex()
        Keys.onDownPressed: listview.incrementCurrentIndex()
        //onVerticalVelocityChanged: verticalVelocity == 0 ?  console.log("verticalVelocity == 0"): console.log("verticalVelocity != 0")
        //onMovingChanged: moving ?  console.log("moving"): console.log("not moving")
        //onMovementEnded: console.log("movement ended")
        //onFlickEnded: console.log("flick ended")

    These events work well when flicking the listview but how can I do when I only use keyboard keys pressed ?


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