QtQuick: Module is not installed

  • Hi,

    I'm struggeling with a custom QML module. The weird thing is, it works when I build and run in a Linux environment, but when I build and run it in a Windows environment it gives the error "Module jbQuick.Charts is not installed.

    My root project directory contains a folder qml/jbQuick/Charts which holds the qmldir and QML files.
    The qml directory is added in the .pro file: QML_IMPORT_PATH = qml
    The qml directory is added in the main.cpp file:

    QQmlApplicationEngine engine;

    In the QML file where I want to use the custom module I state: import jbQuick.Charts 1.0

    Do I miss something? Is this an known issue? It's very frustrating because it runs perfectly under Linux (Ubuntu)

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