QMAKE: export created .lib file?

  • Is any way there how to export .lib file to one directory?
    DLLDESTDIR just copy created .DLL file into the specificated directory...

  • Probably QMAKE_LIBDIR will be that solution...

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    Are you still trying to shoehorn the qmake build artifacts into the directory structure your school asks you to use?

    Why don't you run qmake in some temporary directory and let it do its own thing there? It assumes that where it puts its files is an implementation detail. After building you can do a "make install" to actually put the files where you need them. You got way more control over the make install step than over the make one. Qmake is actually made to have the places where files get installed to configured;-)

    In Qt Creator the Projects->Run Settings->Deploy Steps are the best place to add a make install step.

  • Mhm...I think I will have to write my own "make" command utility because it's quite miserable when it's allows me to set up my own extensions of any file but not output directories of important parts...

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