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How to call.NET dll from Qt Project

  • I am quite new to Qt development. Can anyone help on the steps required to call a C# dll from Qt project (Simple QtBrowserPlugin for firefox and chrome)? Is that possible?

    I have seen some samples on ActiveQt. As far as i understand, ActiveQt implementation will compel me to use Internet Explorer. I want to make the plug-in for Firefox and Chrome. Is my understanding correct?

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  • Qt is C++, and from C++ you can call any C++ dll (build with the same compiler), any COM stuff (e.g. with activeQt) or any dll with a C-style API.

    C# has a complete own interface structure. So you can't call it directly. If you wrap the C# stuff inside a COM interface, you can call it via ActiveQt.

  • Hi Gerolf,

    Thanks a lot for the response.

    If i were to wrap the C# stuff inside a COM interface and call it through ActiveQt, would i not require Internet Explorer, considering that i am building a Qt Browser plug-in?

    I do not want the plug-in to depend on IE? Need to work in Firefox and Chrome. Is there any path out?

    Thanks in advance.


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