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Is there any "HTML change" signal in QWebView?

  • Hello,
    I need to get information about current song from an Internet radio website. I open it in QWebView and then parse information using QWebElement in a slot, connected to QWebView::loadFinished(bool) signal.
    But after some time song and information about it on the web page change. QWebView successfully loads new information, but I can't find a signal, that tells about this changes.
    I tried QWebView::page()::contentsChanged() and QWebView::page()::mainFrame()::pageChanged() signals, but they both were not emitted, when song data on the web page was changing.
    So, is there any signal that will help me or I should implement checking changes of HTML code of the page myself?
    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  • @Eyeless Have you tried using QWebView::urlChanged()?

  • @maximo the problem is that page`s url is not changing when song data changes. I solved the problem by checking song data using a timer and emiting my own signal.