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[Solved] How to get gdb debugger for Windows?

  • [Update]

    OK, turns out this was all my mistake and the Qt installation process is not at fault at all.

    I guess choosing the Visual Studio route obviously means that not everything is compatible right out of the box. Using MinGW (which is automatically installed by the package manager if selected) things just work. I can run and debug. Awesome.

    [Original message]

    I want to be able to debug C++ applications created with Qt Creator in Windows.

    I've now installed a lot of stuff following the links on and I don't know if all of them are necessary. I've gotten so far that I can now get my application to run (which is awesome and I thank the Qt creators) but it still doesn't debug - I get the error "There is no gdb binary available for Microsoft C++".

    If my understanding is correct then I need to install some debugger things from Microsoft (which I successfully did) and gdb for windows. Here is a page that shows how to build gdb for windows:

    But I am not interested in modifying it in any way, I am just interested in the .exe or an install script. I don't have python installed and I do not know python or what it involves, nor do I need it. I only need to debug my C++ applications.

    Is a simpler solution available for me to get gdb?

    Also, if I may ask (and I don't want to sounds arrogant), but why don't the creators of the Qt for Windows installer not just bundle these tools with the installer? If it is guaranteed to be needed, then a lot of people must be struggling like me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • For the record, there are pre-built gdb binaries for MinGW at

    Also, Qt Creator can debug MSVC compiled binaries, but you need to have Microsoft's "Debugging Tools for Windows" installer.

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