What means 'Understanding of the need for cross platform libraries'?

  • Hi,
    I'm preparing for Qt Essentials exam and in curriculum I found this point.

    • Understanding of the need for cross platform libraries and the fundamentals of building
      a Qt application

    I googled lot but not found anything about cross platform libraries specific to Qt.

    I'm really appreciating your help.

    Thanking you.

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    If you are using Qt it's probably because you'd like to re-use your code base across several OSs/platforms, right ?

    For the fundamentals, It boils down to: know how to build a Qt application e.g. using qmake.

  • I'm thinking is this answer for my question. :)

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    Sorry, I'm not sure I'm understanding your answer correctly. Is this an affirmation or are you asking a question ?

  • @Hareen-Laks @dheerendra If you are developing an application for Mobile Devices, there will be many different Operating Systems like one device will be having Android, one will be having iOS etc.., So you need to write code specific to each Operating System which is time consuming and it is very costly. So there arises a thought that "Can we write code once and use on different Operating Systems..?" The answer is YES, with the help of Cross platform libraries. And Qt Framework is the one which provides Cross Platform Libraries for developing Apllications across different sets of Platforms.

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