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Qt widgets or QML(Qt Quick) : For touch screen Application?

  • Hello Everyone,
    I got confused again while using Qt Quick and Qt Widgets. I am currently using Qt Quick for designing my Editor for touch screen but I don't know whether I can use widgets in it or not or do I need to shift to Qt Widgets Application. I found it easy to write .cpp program in Qt Widgets and call C++ classes.
    In Design mode of Qt Widgets we can click on widgets and go to slot and it generate code for us in .cpp file.... Is there anything in Qt Quick like that ? So much confuse ..

    Need proper guideline...

    Many Thanks,

  • There is no general rule what to chose - Widgets or QtQuick.
    I assume you are creating a desktop application. Rule of thumb is that if your GUI is almost a standard desktop GUI, go for the widgets.
    On the other hand, if you want to have multi-touch support, kinetic scrolling, page animations on swipe etc., you should chose QML.

    (For example, for handling multi-touch with QWidgets,, you have to deal with MultiTouchEvents in event(). With QtQuick, you simply exchange the controls' MouseAreas with a MultiPointTouchAreas.)

  • @dynamo72 Thank you so much. I am creating Desktop application which I have to mount on big touch screen

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