Cout int on a label

  • Hello everyone,
    first of all i have to say sorry for my pretty bad English.
    I'm an Italian scholar newbie that need some help...
    That's my issue: i'm really bad. Ok. I Want to create a simulation of a safe(chest?). So, for open a safe there must be a code. My safe, when i push a button, the number i just pushed appear on a display. That's what i want to do on Qt: when i click the PushButton (pBtn1) i want to displey on a label (lbl) the number of the button, in that case 1. I always used Dev-C++ and now i switched to Qt because i think it's more funny... so please help me....
    Oh, bonus question: there is any online lessions , even at payment, that can be understand by an italian newbie? I can even pay for some private lessions on skype....

  • @Sanmon

    The Qt Examples that comes with Qt + QtCreator are a good place to start.
    From my understanding start looking at the "Calculator Example", it sounds like that should get you a widget with number buttons that when you press them they show on the display.

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