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QML does not recognize ENUM returned by C++ Q_INVOKABLE function

  • QML

    console.log("model's category is " + converter.getModelCategory(currentIndex))


    Q_INVOKABLE Unit::Category getModelCategory(int index) { //TODO put in separate file
        qDebug() << "getModelCategory is called, Index is " << index;
        return qobject_cast<Unit *>(CategoryDataModel.at(index))->category();

    : Error: Unknown method return type: Unit::Category where Unit::Category is C++ enums and it is declared with Q_ENUM. However, Unit::Category is declared in other QOBJECT derived class, might it be a problem?
    How to solve this issue?

  • As far as I know, "Unit" type need to register throgh qmlRegisterType to make "Unit::Category" visible in QML.

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