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Qt and microsoft visual studio 2015

  • will QT 5.5 creator work with microsoft visual studio 2015 or must i use the visual studio 2013?

  • @Kene_Chukwu

    will QT 5.5 creator work with microsoft visual studio 2015

    [edit]I just re-read your original question but the word 'creator' in your question is confusing.

    Do you want to know if:
    a) Qt 5.5 (the framework) will work with Visual Studio 2015?
    b) Qt Creator (the IDE) will work with Visual Studio 2015?

    If a)
    It will most probably work, but the only issue is that Qt does not provide pre-built binaries of Visual Studio 2015. If you have to use 2015 then you need to compile the Qt Sources yourself with 2015.

    Otherwise if you do not or can not do that, you should use 2013 instead.

    (I am also waiting for 2015 binaries but not planning to build it myself)

    if b)
    Yes Qt Creator should work, but if you want to use Qt 5.5 also then refer to the above answer. Qt Creator can in most cases be used independent of the compiler used.

  • alright, cos after i installed the QT5.5, i always get an error message about compilier not
    set in Make... could it be because of the missing Microsoft studio 13?

  • @Kene_Chukwu
    Yes you need to install the correct compiler for the correct Qt version. For Visual Studio you can install the express one, but if you have the msvc 2013 binaries of Qt then you need to install that version of Visual Studio.

    Qt Creator will pick up the compiler in most cases. If it does not you need to make sure that your kits are correctly configured for the different Qt versions and the compilers.

    The following links should be useful to set up the compiler and kit:

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