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How To Add Select All Checkbox in QTableWidget QHeaderView

  • Is there a way to add a "Select All Checkbox" to a QTableWidget in the first header column? I mean, I found that I can add checkboxes on rows beneath the header, just not a checkbox in the header itself.

    I tried the following, but it shows no change:

    // item(0,0) is a cell with a checkbox in it (first row after the header, first column)
    QTableWidgetItem *oItem = ui->myTable->item(0,0)->clone();

  • The answer is in the Qt FAQ:


    I found that this also worked using an existing QTableWidget that was drawn on the page, like so:

    MyHeader *myHeader = new MyHeader(Qt::Horizontal, ui->myTable);

    And even though it does setHorizontalHeader and looks like it might replace your existing header, it appears to only affect the first header column.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It creates a new Header that draws a check box image on itself since its not possible to insert a real widget.
    It then response to mouse press to make the image work as a real check box.

    it checks with
    if (logicalIndex == 0)

    so I think it only paints this in first column.