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readyRead not emmiting signal, Ubuntu 14.04

  • Hi,
    I'll admit up front that I am a real greenhorn. Just installed creator 3.5.1 and tried to run the serial terminal example.
    I have an arduino connected which is sending out a continuous string of comma separated characters.
    When I attempt to connect to the port, I get a list of characters and then an error message saying "The resource is currently unavailable".

    In a simple test program I use waitForReadyRead() to poll the serial port and print to qDebug. This works as expected.

    it seems that readyRead is not emitting the signal to jump into my slot after the first read.

    Anyone have any insight here?

  • Hi, could you post the code, that is not working?

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  • Thank you!!

    I just updated my kernel to 3.13.0-66. This has fixed the problem with the example code.

    I'm glad that you pointed me to this, I was really pulling my hair out.

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