Qt Quick 2 application does not work with OpenGL v 1.4 (ANGLE)

  • Hi.
    I have PC with intel 945gm graphical card, that support only v 1.4 openGL. So when i try launch my application (that use QtQuick 2.0) I got error with ig4icd32.dll file. I google this trouble a lot, and understand, that for QtQuick 2 apps to work, a graphics driver that provides OpenGL 2.1 or higher is required. But also I found information about ANGLE, library, that "converts OpenGL ES 2.0 API calls to DirectX 11 or DirectX 9 calls". So can I use somehow this library for solving this problem? If it possible what i must to do? Maybe some special config keys in Qt Creator for build app? Install ANGLE on target computer?
    Thaks for help.

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