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inspect third-party library from qt debugger

  • Hello forum,

    I am using the OpenGL mathematics library within the application I am developing now from Qt creator.

    I am trying to see the value of one of elements of the library , for example

    glm::vec3 position;

    while debugging. All I see is value "not accessible". Is there any way to make them visible so that I can realize what is indeed happening within the code structure. I am developing from Ubuntu system and Qt creator uses the GDB debugger as an underlay , I think.

    Some insights into this issue would be very helpful.


  • That library should compiled in debug mode and has valid source directory.

    • list item If you are installed this lib from package manager then install package-dbg too.
    • list item If you are compiled this lib then compile it in debug mode and do not remove source directory.

  • The Library is a header only library . I did not need to compile it, just included it.

  • Hi sajis997

    "not accessible" is usually displayed if the object is not yet in scope. Maybe your just looking in the wrong moment. As long as the object has not been instanced you can not watch it.

  • I have declared the following class member variable as follows:

    class A
             std::vector<glm::vec3> mVertices;

    I believe that the variable is in the class scope and all other member functions of the class will be able to see it. Is not it ?

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