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crash when using qmlprofiler

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure whether this post should go here on in the 'Tools' or 'General and Desktop' forums. I hope it's the correct one :)

    My problem is that I have a Qt Quick application running through a QQmlApplicationEngine that I would like to profile. I enabled QML profiling, and I run my application using the qmlprofiler tool. It connects correctly, I can start recording just fine, but when I want to close the profiling session ('q' in qmlprofiler) I have a crash deep in the destruction on my QQmlApplicationEngine instance (when I run the application without the qmlprofiler, everything's fine)

    I'm using the msvc2013 Desktop version of Qt, and I'm not using QtCreator to build or run my application.

    Do anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong ? Any tip or advice when profiling using qmlprofiler ?

    Thanks in advance.